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What is online learning?
Online Learning Resources
Benefits of online learning courses
How is online learning different from traditional learning?
How does it work?
How do online lectures and exams work?
How to enroll in mero school courses?


What is online learning?

Online classes have become a necessity and new normal to learn and teach the students in this pandemic. The advancement of technology has made it possible to stay connected and learn virtually. Online educational courses don’t require any physical presence, so students can connect from anywhere when they have access to the internet and electricity. Likewise, has launched an application that provides online classes up to bachelors whether science or management or BBA or engineering.

E-learning is the most popular way of learning that takes place with the help of the internet. An E-learning site is a cutting-edge technique that uses the internet to enable teachers and students to collaborate and share ideas virtually. Online learning courses have saved the students from unnecessary social interactions in this pandemic.

The technology has evolved from correspondence education, television or radio education, CD-ROM (static computer) education to online education.  Mero.School has adopted and upgraded the online learning ideas and collaborated with top teachers who are knowledgeable about the subjects they teach. Their help would make it simple for you to read and comprehend your syllabus and topics.

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Nepali Online Learning App – Mero.School

What are online learning resources? 

Many educational establishments have implemented online learning in every course with a flexible timetable. With the assistance of e-learning, students will enroll in their preferred colleges and take the classes they have always wanted to take. Some of the main free online learning services are Google Docs, Quizlet, Microsoft Teams, Discussion groups, Interviews, EBooks, Journals, Videos, Recorded lectures, etc.

There are various free online educational websites and applications available that provide you with access to additional enhanced career features. Some of the popular platforms are Udemy, Domestika, Coursera, Byjus, Edx, Skillshare, etc. Moreover, is a popular online learning platform developed in Nepal that ensures that students all around the world have access to high-quality education.

Benefits of online learning sites

The online world provides an unparalleled opportunity for individuals who would otherwise have restricted access to education, as well as a new model for educators, allowing for the development of diverse, high-quality courses. Mero school also provides an e-learning platform to engage in online study courses without any barriers of age, weight, gender, color, physical appearance, and disability.

The strengths/advantages/benefits of online learning courses are listed below:

  1. Students can join and learn from anywhere in the world without having any physical interactions.
  2. Basic computer skills are only required to join classes. 
  3. You can learn anytime and at any pace at your convenience. 
  4. Students do not need any qualifications to register in the e-learning platform. 
  5. Students can actively participate in the conversation and learn from other students’ work.
  6. Reduce the pressure on the campus’s small facilities such as parking lots, library, canteen, etc.
  7. Online education platform gives students options to learn traditionally or virtually and caters to existing students to increase enrollments. 
  8. Online educational courses increase the variety and creativity of learning activities and styles. 

How is online learning different from traditional learning?

Traditional learning has been practiced in schools and universities for decades, where students have to be present in the classroom and are forced to follow a strict schedule. While e-learning provides freedom and access to learn whenever and wherever you want.

Traditional education is more expensive than online education, whereas distance learning has proven to be more flexible and more user-friendly with advanced courses. E-learning provides up-to-date courses and data for the convenience of the students. Online educational sites suggest a fully interactive learning environment that encourages contact between the instructor and the students, among the students themselves.

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Best Digital and Traditional Learning Platform

How does online learning work?

Schools and colleges are providing online education via Zoom, Microsoft Team, NTQ Nepal, and many more online applications. Online classes offer more spaces for in-depth dialogue, reflection, and engagement. The online format encourages and promotes collaboration and communication more than traditional education can provide. Mero school strives to cover all of the bases for school, middle school, and bachelor’s degree curriculum, including Engineering, Management, science, and some basic and advanced computer skills.

How do e-learning lectures and exams work?

Whenever you have free time and want to learn more, you can log in to online study classes and explore the ways of learning virtually. Videoconferencing, social media, and email are also options for communicating with the professors and other students. In addition, you can read numerous blogs and online journals to gain in-depth knowledge about your course. You must also complete tasks and assignments to achieve certification.

For examinations and tests, Instructors tend to track them by using webcams or advanced software to ensure that no students can cheat. However, some tests, on the other hand, are machine-monitored, allowing the computer to check the actions of the students, whether they are staring at the screen or not.

How to enroll in mero school online study courses? 

Online educational courses are applicable for students who stay far away from campus or in a remote area, students facing financial problems, or students who desire to learn new skills. Mero school provides a variety of courses with various languages for the student who is interested in learning. Those students can study from anywhere in the world.

To enroll in mero school, you have to follow few steps: 

  1. First of all, create your account using either the phone number, Gmail, or Facebook.
  2. Choose the desired course you want to study or improve. 
  3. Purchase the selected course. 
  4. Some courses are free, especially for school students. 
  5. Learn whenever you want at your own pace.

For the unique demands of students who need or wish to further their studies, online educational services provide a flexible alternative to problems with jobs, families, and study schedules. To ensure the effectiveness of an online course, students must thoroughly research and measure the course’s benefits and effectiveness in our daily life. 

Mero.School ensures quality courses and delivers best practices in Nepal as well as the world. Mero school enables the use of technologies to improve teaching and high-quality online learning. considers every student’s learning preferences and provides 24/7 access to the available courses.  

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