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Due to the Pandemic, most educational institutions opted to teach through e-learning platforms. With digital learning on the rise, people are familiar with the concept of e-learning for students. Some people have been using e-learning platforms for the time being to complete their education and some are enrolling in various e-learning programs to get a degree. Amidst the growth of e-school and curriculum learning through digital platforms, it is important to note that these platforms can also help in the skill development of individuals.  E-learning platforms can be used as personal development tools.

We can learn various extracurricular knowledge from the platforms. There are various international platforms providing skill development courses such as Skillshare, brilliant, Domestika, etc. These websites and applications are useful but due to the payment system language barrier and other problems, these websites have not become the prominent solution for Nepalese people.

Bridging skill gap with e-learning in Nepal

After graduating from undergraduate or graduate degrees, students of Nepal tend to face a huge workplace skill gap. Since the work culture of Nepalese students is different from western countries, working while studying or even doing a part-time job is rare. Due to which fresh graduates don’t have the necessary experience or practical knowledge for the job market. To combat the problem, people try to find different institutes to learn various practical skills that can help them move into the workforce. But these institutions are either only available in the capital city or are very expensive. There are also various paid international online courses that provide skill development courses but payment methods for these courses are tricky for Nepali learners as international payment options were not available to us before 2021.  There is an option to learn from free websites but the courses and videos might not be structured and coherent. Most of your time would be spent on researching and searching the topics you need and finding the resources for the topic in a language that is understood by you.

Seeing this, there are various new websites being developed in Nepal to overcome the gap. Websites such as Mero School provides personal development and skill development courses in the Nepali language for Nepali students. These platforms provide structured beginner-friendly course material for people to learn practical skills. People can use these websites and apps to learn graphic designing, Autocad, Sketchup, etc. These platforms can bridge the skill gaps when joining the workforce. In addition, the easy payment method with any e-wallet or fund transfer service of Nepal makes the payment process smooth and easy.

So Nepali e-learning website can help you overcome the skill gap and learn new skills in an effective and easy way.

Why e-learning for skill development?

Like we discussed earlier, there are various options people can choose to learn new skills. Among these options, e-learning is the most viable for skill development. You can learn virtually anything on different e-learning platforms. The skill gap in the workplace of Nepal and difficulty in moving into the workforce is a huge problem faced by youth. Enrolling in different self-development courses in digital learning can be really effective due to the following reasons:

  • E-learning bridges the barrier of distance. You can learn anything you are interested in, from the comfort of your own space.
  • Distance learning provides flexibility. You can schedule your learning based on your own need and availability of time.
  • Virtual learning is relatively affordable than attending different institutions. It saves you transportation costs, apartment costs, stationery costs, etc.
  • You can learn at your own pace and you have the option to re-watch the videos
  • You can test and check your progress with instant quizzes
  • You can discuss confusion in the comment section

You can download the videos and watch them anytime even without the internet.


Due to the pandemic and the growth of internet penetration, Nepal has seen a rise in the popularity of E-learning platforms as an alternative to traditional learning. Students have been using these platforms to complete their courses. Among the uses of the digital learning platforms, skill development opportunities are still growing. E-learning platforms are essential in bridging the skill gap and providing skill-developing opportunities which are applicable in the workforce.

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