Top 4 hacks to concentrate on studies

Top 4 hacks to concentrate on study

If you are not able to concentrate on your studies, first remember, “There is no need to study hard. Studying smarter will beat everything else”.

Studying is not any harder if you are smart enough to apply a few techniques. Today, after reading this blog you will be able to apply some clever hacks to concentrate and be productive, efficient, manage time properly and excel in your school exams. Gear up and be ready to concentrate on your studies smoothly. Also, promise yourself to achieve what you want!

 How-to-concentrate-on-studies How-to-concentrate-on-studies

4 hacks to concentrate that instantly work

  • Waking up on time


    The first problem of the day for every student is waking up in the morning. You have always heard that morning is the best time to study, you know that you can concentrate and retain better so you even want to get started. But every time you end up cursing the snooze button, right?

    I got you! There are plenty of alarm clock apps that will not stop ringing unless it confirms that you have woken up. Wake me Up app will stop ringing only if you come out of your bed and walk certain steps. Check out other similar apps here.

  • Breaking tasks


    ‘Begin with easy chapters and you feel like studying’, sounds so smooth, right? But do not fall for that trap! You will end up piling difficult chapters only for the end and you can’t go through that stress! Divide your chapters into easy, moderately difficult, and difficult ones. Then follow this pattern;

  • Begin with a difficult chapter
  • Move on to a moderately difficult chapter
  • Then do an easy chapter

Follow the same cycle until you complete your entire syllabus. This works because once you complete a difficult chapter, you will be motivated and relieved at the same time. The moderately difficult tasks will then feel moderately easy. Then easy one is not even a task. Since you will just have completed the easier ones, you are ready to take up the difficult ones.



    A Mnemonic is a tool that is used to remember things by arranging them into a pattern, rhythm, images, etc. Sometimes, it seems impossible to by heart something because of its length or complexity. By arranging the information in a retainable form, you do not need to stress and your concentration will remain intact. For example, if you can’t remember the trigonometric ratio, use this concentration hack; Sin=Perpendicular/Hypotenuse
    Tan=Perpendicular/Base, You make a sentence with the initials of each such as;  ‘Some People Have Curly Brown Hair Towards Pulled Back’. Worried about how to create easy mnemonics? Watch this video and learn to create easy and powerful mnemonics.
    Powerful Mnemonic Techniques (Examples)

  • Finding/ creating a study space


    You may be thinking that the ideal study space is where there is silence. Not wrong, but not sufficient as well. The comfortability of the chair matters. So does the room temperature. Some people can concentrate well if their table faces the wall and some can concentrate if the table faces an open space. Some people can concentrate well if they stay in complete silence while some can concentrate if they put on some soothing music.Take some time and figure out what works for you and then get started.

These concentration hacks are not complex at all. You should just be honest with yourself. Learn to understand the concept and not just to pass exams. Only then you will be able to concentrate. Do not procrastinate! In this technological era, utilize the e-learning feature to quickly get answers to your confusions. You can sign yourself up for online courses at a very fine price at Mero School. Get enrolled now!

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