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What is an online educational application in Nepal?
What are the scopes of online learning apps in Nepal? 
What are the advantages and disadvantages of online study?
What is the impact of the educational application in Nepal?
Brief description of services provided by the e-learning application

What is an Online Learning Application?  

Education has changed dramatically with the advancement of technology and the current situation of the pandemic. The covid 19 virus’s unprecedented outbreak caused chaos in the educational system, leading schools and colleges to close. Nepal has to embrace new and technical ways to carry on the educational process, which has led to the adoption of the online education system.

Learning is a never-ending process, with eLearning taking center stage. Mero school has launched an online learning platform to cover every base intended for school, high school, and bachelor’s level curriculum such as Engineering, Management, science, etc.  With the use of the Mero School App – Nepali Educational Application, students can learn any courses of their wish with their mobile devices, computer, and the internet. 

Online educational applications are learning tools developed using mobile-friendly and user-friendly databases for students and teachers to carry on the teaching and learning process. The e-educational application requires a device and internet connection to operate.

E-learning teaching applications improve both the ability of a teacher to display information and the ability of students to access the information. Lynda, Coursera, upGrad, and BYJU are some of the famous international educational mobile applications that allow you to choose a specific subject or course as per your choice. Likewise, Mero school has created an e-educational application to simplify the learning process in Nepal. 

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Best online learning educational app in Nepal

What are the scopes of educational apps in Nepal? 

Nepal being a developing country, the technology and internet connectivity has not reached a broader audience. Despite the obstacles, e-learning holds the secret to Nepal’s educational progress, with significant benefits for the youth. It is unavoidable to take measures to ensure a seamless transition from traditional learning to mobile learning.

The scopes of Mobile learning are being encouraged by IT centers in Nepal which means E-learning has a promising future. Moreover, mero schools help you study any topic, anytime at the lowest prices. Mero School assists in transforming teaching through technologies and providing high-quality distance education. Any student, regardless of circumstance, should be helped to achieve their goals by having access to learning resources, which will be made available via the mero school online application.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning mobile applications?

Everything is digital these days, from payments to schooling, allowing for a seamless and fast completion. Learning through mobile has made it possible for students to attend lectures using smartphones, tablets, or computers. Although mobile learning has many benefits, it also has several drawbacks that must be addressed for students to have the most meaningful and efficient learning experience.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of eEducational App


  1. It is portable and covers a huge geographical area. 
  2. It can be accessed at any time and from any location of the world. 
  3. Students can be able to perform tasks with varying degrees of complexity with ease using a variety of equipment.
  4. Educational mobile applications allow taking classes in areas of disasters, military war zones, and pandemic zones.
  5. Mobile apps enable students to select the content of some classes, the level of difficulty, and other content on their own.
  6. It can be tailored to particular learning preferences, resulting in increased learner participation.
  7. Teachers can track the student’s performance. 
  8. Mobile learning makes it simple to provide quick and effective interaction between the instructor and the student.


  1. Internet connectivity is needed for the efficient use of educational applications, which is difficult to have in certain areas. 
  2. Since mobile screens are small, looking at them for long periods can cause eye strain.
  3. During a mobile learning session, a smartphone user may receive an SMS, social media, or news message, which decreases the learner’s sense of isolation and interaction level.
  4. The learning time is shortened due to the battery’s limited capacity.

Mero School offers students intensive online learning opportunities to help them gain the skills they need for their classes. Mero School promotes the creative use of new teaching and learning concepts and practices using technology. 

 What is the impact of the online educational application in Nepal?

According to a survey held in 2020 by Pandit, only 13 % of schools might be able to run online classes even though 35% of schools have access to the internet. Because of the lockdown in 2020, about 94.7% of students from private schools and 58.3%  from public schools use the internet. The number has doubled in just a year.

With the improvement of internet speed and the improved capabilities of mobile phones, e-learning has become one of the most exciting sectors. This distance learning industry’s growth is being aided by more than just technological advancements. It is much easier for people to collect knowledge of any kind and from any location with the aid of education applications.

In reality, not every piece of content is accessible on the internet, and the apps take advantage of this to the fullest extent possible. Mero school provides access to third-party videos, online journals of different topics, and courses of different levels in every language possible.

Brief description of the services provided by the online learning application

Educational applications are one kind of portal where students can watch and listen to pre-recorded tutorials or chapter-by-chapter lessons taught by teachers. Because of the rise in student participation, the demand for educational applications has grown.

Mobile application growth has now branched out into the education sector, yielding excellent results in the creation of educational content for learners. A mobile education app framework should include modules for the syllabus, timetable, grades, learning teams, seminars and sessions, and more.

Mero school’s one-of-a-kind learning curriculum incorporates the most cutting-edge adaptive technologies, artificial intelligence, and customized learning to help students give their best foot ahead.


Mobile apps are the future of education, paving the way for educational development. The educational mobile application has made learning fun and easy. The distance learning mobile application allows teachers and students to receive instruction and communicate quickly from anywhere and at any time.

Thus, Mero School has the entire basic and advanced features available on both Android, iOS platforms. We provide understandable and worth-reading content for every student. Mero School is an educational and informational tool developed for the convenience of students. 

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