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What is E-Learning?
What is the scope of E-learning?
What are the most challenging aspects of Online Learning?
How can we tackle the challenges of Online Education?
What are the benefits of E-learning?

What is E-Learning? 

E-learning is a unique idea implemented to provide quality education to the students residing anywhere in the world. eLearning education refers to a learning system that is based on formalized instruction but uses electronic tools such as the internet, computer, etc. An e-learning software includes recorded lecture material, video, quizzes, exercises, and other interactive elements. Similarly, mero.school is an e-learning platform developed in Nepal that provides the students with choices of online courses. Mero School has the best teachers who are experts in their fields. 

Schools that use electronic learning facilities are ahead of those that continue to use a conventional approach to learning. Agriculture, medicine, education, and government institutions are all adjusting to the idea of E-learning, which aids in a country’s growth. Mero school provides courses from grade 8 to bachelor, including management, science, engineering, BBA, and many more. Mero.school has taken the initiative to help students study and understand their courses and lessons better.


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Best Online eLearning Platform in Nepal

What are the scopes of Electronic Learning in Nepal? 

During this pandemic, officials advise that we should only leave our house if necessary and that we avoid going to public places. As a result, many schools around the world have closed, and e-learning education is gaining attention as an innovative way to protect children’s and young people’s learning process.

The popularity of e-learning education can only grow as more educational institutions, businesses, and online learners around the world realize its value. Online learning now has a wide range of applications in education, and its potential in the future is enormous.

Online study solutions aim to improve educational outcomes by thoroughly using e-learning application tools and empowering creative learning. Online Learning is an effective component of students’ technological, design, and development skills in the modern age.

Mero School has dedicated itself to advancing education through technology by offering high-quality distance learning. Mero school Courses have presented an easy and engaging way to study and aimed to be the future of online learning by providing a wide range of online courses that can be available at any time. 

What are the most challenging aspects of E-Learning Courses?

The global growth of the internet and connectivity has increased the demand for online learning. Despite raising obstacles for both teachers and students, eLearning, the newest generation in education, is already putting up a good competition. It can be discouraging and daunting for both teachers and students to face the challenges of digital learning.

  1. Teachers are expected to switch their classes online immediately, with no further preparation or budget.
  2. E-Learning leads to gadgets shortage & crashing systems.
  3. Online learning leads to a lack of learner motivation and engagement. 
  4. Keeping learners interested and wanting to return for more when catering to younger generations in the same class.
  5. Online education isolates students, putting them at risk for mental disorders.
  6. E-education violates the privacy and protection code.
  7. Online learning can be boring. 

How can we tackle the challenges of Online Education?

As society fights a never-ending war against this infectious Covid-19 virus, these students and learners are fighting a battle of their own to stay inspired and focused on their education. The advantages are being stifled by the obstacles they face during their learning process. The challenges cannot stop the students and teachers from learning and teaching.

Some of the solutions for the challenges of online learning are:

  1. Provide multi-device lessons as well as personalized attention.
  2. Set a deadline and submit reminders.
  3. Schools and colleges should provide basic training for teachers to adopt online learning. 
  4. Look for an online course that is creative, entertaining, and engaging.
  5. Give personal interest, participate in forums, and communicate on social media.

Mero.school seeks to provide a public portal that can encourage creativity and act as a free source of knowledge for both teachers and students. Mero School has introduced a Nepali educational mobile app to provide students with a better learning environment and achieve a better life in the future. Mero school follows the privacy and security protocol and keeps the data of students and teachers confidential. 

What are the benefits of E-learning Courses in Nepal?

The way information is viewed, absorbed, debated, and shared has changed dramatically as a result of the digital revolution. Electronic Learning encourages everyone to approach the subject at their own pace, with immersive activities maintaining intensive knowledge in each module.

Mero schools have resolved the issues and provide a stress-free learning environment for students and learners. Likewise, we are also attempting to enhance education by inspiring people to apply their creativity and innovations to what they’ve learned offline. 

Some of the major advantages of E-learning are listed below:

  1. Online Learning meets everyone’s requirements of learning anywhere at any time. 
  2. E-learning provides access to up-to-date content and courses.
  3. Online education aids comprehension of complicated and lengthy content by allowing visual representations of concrete terms and procedures to be used.
  4. It is cost-effective and time-saving. 
  5. Electronic learning enhances flexibility and efficiency.
  6. Online learning lowers environmental impact, i.e., fewer consumptions of papers.
  7. E-Learning assists in the creation and dissemination of innovative instruction, strategies, principles, and ideas.
  8. Online education leads to higher certification, examination, or other forms of assessment ratings. 
  9. Basic computer and technical skills are only required to join classes. 
  10. Online education broadens and diversifies the range and creativity of learning experiences and forms.
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Affordable e-Educational Platform in Nepal


To conclude, online learning has been a necessity and the demand in this pandemic. Online learning can be seen as an extension and alternative to traditional learning methods. For this very reason, e-learning can be the future of education but cannot replace traditional learning.

Realizing, its importance in the future, Mero school has developed an online learning educational application to provide a high-quality learning experience to the students. They provide video tutorials, live class sessions, online journals, and other resources from top educators.

With the help of this mero school mobile application, Students can discover and experience thousands of courses at the cheapest price, at any time, and from any location. Mero School invests in building an educational system that transcends monetary, physical, and other barriers. So, if you are looking for any services regarding online courses, you can directly message us.

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