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What is an online study?
Pros and Cons of online study in Nepal
What is Nepal’s approach towards online education?
Online Educational Platform in Nepal
Future of online education after Covid-19


Online Study and its impact on Our Educational System

Due to the fear of the disease outbreak covid-19, thousands of educational institutions all over the world have canceled classes and isolated students at home, maintaining social distancing, whereas Nepal is no exception. Online education has been the savior of students and educational institutions in this pandemic. Online education is the process of transferring the school set up and environment to the virtual environment. Similarly, mero. school offers an online study program with a diverse selection of courses in various languages.

Online courses have grown in popularity among students all over the world for the past few years. Online study is the process of learning virtually in this socially distanced world. Distance education is a form of interactive learning in which students research and practice on the internet at their own pace and place.

Moreover, the most common issues faced by the students in online learning are time management, the struggle to adapt, and self-motivation. Mero schools have addressed the problems and provide a relaxed learning atmosphere where students should not feel stressed. Mero school provides online courses from grade 8 to bachelor, including management, science, engineering, BBA, and many more. 

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eLearning Courses and its benefits.


Pros and Cons of Online Education in Nepal

Not only is e-learning more effective for students, but it is also safer for the community. According to the Open University in the United Kingdom, online classes use 90% fewer resources and emit 85% less CO2 per student than conventional in-person courses. Online courses, on the other hand, have certain drawbacks. Students may be naive at times and refuse to respond to questions from teachers. Participants in online courses have also been known to silence the speaker and become fully immersed in their work.

Mero.School has taken the initiation to provide support for better learning and understanding of the courses to students all over Nepal. Mero school is committed to improving e-learning education through technology by providing high-quality distance education. Mero school application is used to teach and provide a different learning environment for everybody. With the help of this mero school mobile application, students and participants can explore and learn thousands of programs at the lowest possible price, at any time, and from any place.

Advantages of Online Education

  1. It enables students to attend classes from any place.
  2. It also enables schools to reach out to a larger pool of students rather than being limited by regional borders.
  3. You only need a computer with internet connections to learn online.
  4. Online learning is more cost-effective because it eliminates the expense of accommodation, research supplies, uniforms, and meals.   
  5. The online study adapts to a wide range of learning styles.
  6. Due to online learning, the attendance of students has improved. 

Disadvantages of Online Learning

  1. The difficulty with concentrating on a computer for long hours is exacerbated by online learning.
  2. The students may face technical difficulties regarding internet access or computer breakdown.
  3. Students are isolated due to online education and can face mental illness. 
  4. Students experience poor balance and other physical issues as a result of sitting hunched in front of a laptop for long periods.
  5. Teachers do not have the basic technical knowledge and also have less access to study materials at home. 
  6. Limited courses are available.  

What is Nepal’s approach towards online education?

Online learning is the way of the world, but Nepal isn’t quite there yet. According to the Economic Survey, just 8,366 out of the 29,707 public schools have computers, while 3,676 (or 12 percent) provide Information Technology-based studies with internet access. This implies that Nepal is slowly adopting online education.

Every school, college, and the university is moving classes online, so the students, teachers, and parents should adjust and adapt to online education. aims to build an educational digital forum that will inspire innovation and serve as a free source of information for both teachers and students. We’re trying to improve education by encouraging people to use their innovation and ideas to use what they’ve learned in the classroom. 

Promotion of Online Learning Platform in Nepal

The digital wave has entered the education system. The pandemic has tremendously boosted the agenda to shift every field digitally. E-learning is one of the challenging achievements for schools and colleges. Though online classes are not a novel phenomenon, they are new for both students, teachers, and parents in Nepal. Mero school has launched a mobile application to provide students with a superior learning experience and assist them in improving their outcomes. Mero school helps to achieve the goals of every student with access to learning resources offered by our online app.

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Online Learning Digital Classes from Home

Future of Online Education after Covid-19


As Nepal has been developing in IT sectors and wireless connectivity, development in online education will not be a shock after all.  Schools and colleges are all holding online classes to connect teachers with students. This pandemic has prompted new learning opportunities and online learning is a new concept in Nepal, and it will undoubtedly continue to be successful.

Mero school is a complete online educational platform for students in Nepal. Mero school believes in creating an educational infrastructure that transcends financial, geographic, and other barriers. Mero School depends on third-party video tutorials, live class sessions, online journals, and other resources.

Everyone can learn and grow at their own pace without the feeling of competition through mero school’s mobile application. Mero school, an online learning hub provides a variety of teaching and learning opportunities for students and teachers.


E-Education will take a lot of time to establish and work in Nepal, and Nepal is ready for online education development. Schools, colleges, universities, and different IT sectors are working together to create a distance learning environment in Nepal. The pandemic has also shown how easily Nepal will rise to the task of ensuring that children can continue their education.

The situation of Nepal regarding distance learning education has slowly set a path. If the situation keeps on improving, the development of online learning is not so far. Different IT sectors and platforms are raising their interest to develop a learning application for students. Likewise, mero school has contributed to enhancing the teaching and learning experience by delivering the best practices all over Nepal and the world.

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