5 easy ways to become a good leader

Leadership and Leader’s  Motive

It is many people’s dream to become a good leader. According to Serve Learn, Leadership is a change-oriented process that involves visioning, networking, and building relationships that further influence others’ thoughts and actions. Many people mistake dominance for leadership. The main motive of a leader is to bring together a group of diverse people on the same page and lead towards a common goal. If you are highly driven to become a good leader, consider implementing the following strategies.


How to become a good leader?

  • Become a problem solver

A leader is someone who people look up to for solving issues as they arise. People at times blindly rely upon their leaders. This doesn’t mean that followers assume leaders to have inherited the leadership skill since birth. It is the visible skills they see that makes them subconsciously trust their leaders. Such skills are;

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Decision Making Skills
  3. Strategizing Skills
  4. Risk Management Skills
  5. Emotional Skills


If followers see these skills in you they will trust you and will definitely be influenced by you. So, to become a leader, your first step is to learn these skills. Also, learn how to become a good presenter.

  • Admit mistakes and give credits

Would you ever see someone as a leader who amplified your idea to the team but didn’t address your effort? Or someone who made a mistake and put it in someone else’s head? A true leader is someone who recognizes the strength and effort of his team members gives them the credit. At the same time, a true leader is not someone who never makes mistakes but owns up to the human mistakes he makes.


Remember to always give credit and own up to your mistakes. If you recognize and appreciate someone publicly, people will gain more faith in you. If you own your mistake, they’ll regard you even higher.

  • Listen to others

A lot of people think that leaders are supposed to make solo decisions. However, that is not true. How can a leader solve people’s problems without even knowing how the issue could be solved? If it is for the people, you have to hear the people. So, learn to listen to every perspective and then make decisions from your perspective. It will be helpful not only in generation solutions but also in establishing a mutual understanding. Learn some active learning skills.


  • Encourage Leadership

If you want to become a leader, you have to give up the feeling of me-only. Your main motive should be guiding people, not ruling them. Do not try to micromanage by spreading your hands on every other task. Encourage willing people to become a leader by teaching them what you’ve learned.


In doing so, there will always be someone who you can delegate tasks and who will take over in your absence. So, to become a good leader, become a good mentor so that you along with everyone around can be successful.

  • Think positively

Imagine someone saying ‘Nah, this can’t be done. Let’s leave it. Now imagine someone saying ‘Well this seems difficult, but if we work together we will be able to complete it. Let’s not lose hope and try once more. You are smart enough to identify which one gives you a leader-like vibe.

A leader with negative energy will take the morale of everyone down. Even in the worse situation, keep on motivating the people. If your goal truly seems vague, communicate properly.


If you wish to increase your knowledge on leadership more, you can try reading, The lessons of leadership from Nelson Mandela. P.S. leaders are not only politicians but anyone who leads even a group as small as 2 people. You can become a leader at your work, in your friend’s circle, in your school, or even in your family. If you think you already are a leader, check out what is your leadership style.

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