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What are online study courses? 
How can we get access to online courses?
How affordable are online courses to study in Nepal?
How can we benefit from the online study?


The COVID 19 pandemic had a worldwide effect on education, resulting in the cancellation of classes and examinations of schools, colleges, and universities. To continue the online learning education process, online courses in various academic streams have begun on a wide scale worldwide. The online study makes way for education to thrive, breaking down all of the hurdles and barriers (like age, gender, disability). While technology has evolved and become more complex, the fundamental problems about usability remain the same.

Many institutions and universities are turning to online learning to help students all around the world complete their education. Mero School promotes the creative use of modern approaches in instruction, learning concepts, and processes. Mero school pulls together the greatest professors, technology, material, and media to provide every student with a unified, world-class learning opportunity.

Some educational institutions are successful in making the shift to online learning, and those in urban areas continue to struggle to shift digitally. Different learning platforms are standing together to deliver an application for the students of urban areas to learn.

Online learning is a type of education in which students are encouraged to take lessons through the internet. Online courses provide convenience, low tuition, and a wide range of academic options. Online study courses are pre-recorded videos and tutorials published on educational sites and applications.

Mero school believes that all students should be able to participate in high-quality learning opportunities. We aim to encourage and spread the type of creative discovery that leads to more expression, learning, and application.

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How can we get access to online courses?

COVID-19 has complicated the switch to online learning in countries such as Nepal, where services are still insufficient. The ongoing situation of the pandemic has validated the need to improve online learning to improve education.

Age, gender, communication skills, learning and physical abilities, social skills, socioeconomic background, religious convictions, and other influences affect how students behave in class. Online classes have covered all the barriers and helped students learn and grow at their own pace. Mero School has taken the initiative to offer assistance to students all over Nepal to improve their learning and comprehension of the courses.

To get complete access to mero school courses, follow these steps:

  • Register and login

First of all, download the mero school application. Create an account using your phone number, email, or Facebook. Login to your account whenever and wherever you want from your mobile phone. 

  • Choose and Purchase a plan.

After creating your account, you will be able to choose from all of our available courses. You can read the course overview to determine which course is best for you. Then, purchase or enroll in your desired course plan and start your learning process. Moreover, most of the courses from Grade 1 to grade 11 are free. 

  • Learn and explore 

You can get full access to the mero school application after login into your account and purchase your course. Learn at your own time and place at your speed. 

How affordable are online study courses in Nepal?

“How much does it cost to take online courses?” is the most asked question regarding online courses. Many students believe that the lower the cost of tuition, the lower the quality of education. But the fact is that there is no connection between the price of the course and educational quality.

Although traditional learning and online course programs can seem to be the same price on paper, students who take courses online also save money in various ways like transportation, hostel accommodation, study materials (books, papers, pens), and many more.

On the other hand, Mero School provides a platform and connects with educators and students at the lowest feasible cost while still offering high-quality education. Mero School is a low-cost learning platform that caters to students’ learning styles and provides high-quality courses in a variety of languages all around the world.

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How can we benefit from the online study? 

Education is no longer restricted to schools, colleges, and universities. Educators can also face difficulties as a result of the modern transition. These days, certain students might be more technically savvy than teachers. The Digital Revolution is profoundly influencing how kids learn, as well as determining their future chances.

Mero School inspires students to embrace this fast-paced, ever-changing environment by being their continual learning partner, preparing them for tomorrow. We help the students to keep track of their skill progress and compare their abilities to other peers.

The major benefits of online learning are listed below:

  1. Online education also allows students to connect with peers from other countries or continents.
  2. Online courses offer ultimate convenience and flexibility.
  3. Students have the freedom to multitask their careers and education when they are not constrained by a fixed schedule.
  4. E-education provides more opportunities for teacher-student interaction.
  5. Online learning is eco-friendly. Moreover, you’ll develop great self-discipline.
  6. Courses at Online learning helps learners to practice in a way that is more comfortable for them.
  7. Distance learning is cost-effective, which means you don’t have to pay for tuition, learning materials (like books, pens, papers), an online registration fee, transportation, hostel or apartments, and many other items.
  8. Online learning will also help job seekers who want to give their resumes a boost.
  9. Online learning courses have a greater retention rate.


Online course learning has become a well-established element of the educational landscape, with trends indicating that it will continue to develop. eLearning is thriving and displacing its traditional analog. The requirements of an ever-increasing group of students who are unable or unwilling to engage in traditional classroom settings are being met through online learning.

Mero School Learning programs provide students a well-rounded education with visually rich content. Mero School utilizes technology to combine best practices such as video, engaging content, and quizzes with the greatest teachers so that every child in the world has access to the finest learning opportunities. We understand the importance of one-on-one learning, which helps students to be integrally involved and engaged in their education by addressing each student’s specific learning needs and requirements.

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